K eratin is a semi permanent smoothing treatment that adheres to the cuticle layer of hair. Results can vary depending on several factors and range from very straight to reduced curl and frizz. It also reduces drying and styling time.
Keratin can be done on any hair type including color treated or chemically treated hair. Typically, if someone colors their hair it is recommended to color hair 1-2 weeks before a keratin treatment. However, keratin can lighten and or warm the tone of color treated hair so some people prefer to do keratin first, then color. If you are unsure which to do first, please call me so we can discuss your specific situation.

Keratin does not affect the color of virgin hair. It can produce a very slight yellowish hue on naturally white hair.

Keratin is accumulative and results tend to go straighter and last longer the more treatments you get. On average, treatments last 3 months and wear off gradually.
Salt is the single ingredient that wears off keratin. For that reason, you cannot use shampoo or other products that contain sodium chloride. Saltwater from the ocean, saltwater pools, even sweat should be avoided as much as possible to ensure best results.
After receiving a keratin treatment, hair must be kept dry for 48 hours. No water, product or moisture of any kind. After the 48 hour wait period, you can style your hair and use product as normal as long as there is no sodium chloride.